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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Faces of Gimli

Today is John Rhys-Davies' birthday. John was born on May 5th, 1944 in Salisbury, England. That made him 60 years old in 2004.

(as soon as I get the time I'll post a few extracts from the book to showcase Gimli's many significant moments).

...... 'And what gift would a Dwarf ask of the Elves?' said Galadriel, turning to Gimli....... 'None, Lady.' answered Gimli. 'It is enough for me to have seen the Lady of the Galadrim, and to have heard her gentle words.'
...... 'Hear all ye Elves!' she cried to those about her. 'Let none say again that Dwarves are grasping and ungracious! Yet surely, Gimli son of Glóin, you desire something that I could give? Name it, I bid you! You shall not be the only guest without a gift.' 'There is nothing, Lady Galadriel,' said Gimli, bowing low and stammering. 'Nothing, unless it might be—unless it is permitted to ask, nay, to name a single strand of your hair, which surpasses the gold of the earth as the stars surpass the gems of the mine. I do not ask for such a gift. But you commanded me to name my desire.'
...... The Elves stirred and murmured with astonishment, and Celeborn gazed at the Dwarf in wonder, but the Lady smiled. 'It is said that the skill of the Dwarves is in their hands rather than in their tongues,' she said; 'yet that is not true of Gimli. For none have ever made to me a request so bold and yet so courteous. And how shall I refuse, since I commanded him to speak? But tell me, what would you do with such a gift?'
...... 'Treasure it, Lady,' he answered, 'in memory of your words to me at our first meeting, and if ever I return to the smithies of my home, it shall be set in imperishable crystal to be an heirloom of my house, and a pledge of good will between the Mountain and the Wood until the end of days.'
...... Then the Lady unbraided one of her long tresses, and cut off three golden hairs, and laid them in Gimli's hand. 'These words shall go with the gift,' she said. 'I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now vain: on the one hand lies darkness, and on the other only hope. But if hope should not fail, then I shall say to you, Gimli son of Glóin, that your hands shall flow with gold, and yet over you gold shall have no dominion."

...... 'Then she sent me no message?' said Gimli and bent his head.
...... 'Dark are her words,' said Legolas, 'and little do they mean to those that receive them.'
...... 'That is no comfort,' said Gimli.
...... 'What then?' said Legolas. 'Would you have her speak openly to you of your death?'
...... 'Yes, if she had nought else to say.'
...... 'What is that?' said Gandalf, opening his eyes. 'Yes, I think I can guess what her words may mean. Your pardon, Gimli! I was pondering the messages once again. But indeed she sent words to you, and neither dark nor sad.
...... '"To Gimli son of Glóin," she said, 'give his Lady's greeting. Lockbearer, wherever thou goest my thought goes with thee. But have a care to lay thine axe to the right tree!"'
...... 'In happy hour you have returned to us, Gandalf,' cried the Dwarf, capering as he sang loudly in the strange dwarf-tongue.
...... 'Come, come!' he shouted, swinging his axe. 'Since Gandalf's head is now sacred, let us find one that is right to cleave!'"